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Coming soon to a door near you

Freedom is abeautifulthing, but what good is it if you don’t even realize you have it?

You can’t exercise rights you don’t know about, and the task gets even tougher when your union is working to prevent you from knowing them– especially when that unionhappens to be one of the most powerful special interests in the state.

Big government union bosses all over America are bracing in desperation for a ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court in Janus v. AFSCME. They fear the potential of financial ruin when membership becomes voluntary, andworkers have a choice to pay dues/fees or not.

When union membership, dues/fees are voluntary, many people choose not to join or pay, while many more sit on the fence of uncertainty out of fear and lies they have been told by their union. When workers have all the facts, membership rolls tumble.

Getting information to workers is key!

The Freedom Foundation pioneered a door-to-door outreach program in 2015 to inform partial public employees about a limited Supreme Court decision, Harris v. Quinnthat allowed certain Medicaid-compensated in-home care providers to opt out of paying union dues or fees.

When Janus is decided, the Freedom Foundation will immediately begin dispatching canvassers up and down the west coast to speak with public employees at all levels of government about their new rights to cease funding a political organization as a condition of employment.

While we will use various methods to reach government employees, nothing is more effectiveto ensure workers understand their rights than face to face conversations and that is why we are massively expanding our door-to-door program to spread the good news.

The Freedom Foundation takes worker freedom seriously. Our years of experience educating care providers have prepared us well for this day. Freedom Foundation is ready to hit the ground running, andwe won’t stop until every public-sector worker has been adequately informed of their right to opt-out of paying union extortion fees.