Freedom Foundation

The Freedom Foundation is coming for your members

A national website purporting to publish news but, in fact, funded by organized labor, published a blog this past week warning local unions that the Freedom Foundation was coming after their members.

What was meant to intimidate and shame us, however, is a badge of honor that we wear proudly. The Freedom Foundation in California is experiencing phenomenal growth in terms of fundraising, member opt outs and media exposure.

Consequently, the Freedom Foundation in California is seeking to hire additional canvassers to help scale and grow its canvassing operation.

Unlike every other think tank and policy organization in the country, the Freedom Foundation doesn’t stop with identifying and complaining about obstacles to our goals of free markets and limited, accountable government. We work hard to eliminate them, and nothing we do better illustrates our commitment than our canvassing program.

Don’t take our word for it. This is what the opposition says:

“Over the last few years, the Freedom Foundation has gotten very good at what they do … Unlike other anti-union groups, the Freedom Foundation actually spends the time and money to knock on doors and make home visits.”

What public sector unions don’t want groups to like ours to know, however, is that there is a tremendous war for power within their own ranks. Unions hold rallies together and march on Washington and Sacramento when it comes to collective purposes like minimum wage increases, but secretly they’re scheming to unionize under their own banner.

SEIU and AFSCME aren’t friends. They are competitors. When our canvassers are met at orientation centers around the state, county workers were prepared to shoo us away and informed us that we were not able to speak to providers about unionization.

They were pleasantly surprised that we were there for the exact opposite reason. What we didn’t realize was that, every now and then, other unions try to see if they can collectivize other union members under their banner.

Why? Because they’re running out of members and the thirst for money and power is never satisfied. Stories like the one mentioned above are a rallying cry for union members to stop their bickering and start focusing on the real enemy – the Freedom Foundation.