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Freedom Foundation Continues To Export Its Message Of Worker Freedom

The Freedom Foundation is not only leading the fight against the abuses of pubic-sector unions in Washington and Oregon, but it’s increasingly recognized as the nation’s authority on how to curb these abuses and why it’s important to extend the struggle to other states.

On Wednesday, a guest opinion authored by Freedom Foundation Managing Editor Jeff Rhodes appeared in The Hill – a Washington, D.C.-based newspaper covering national politics. A day later, the Manchester (New Hampshire) Union-Leader published an op-ed written by CEO Tom McCabe.

Both explored the question of whether the recent election spelled the end of union influence in local and national politics.

In the Hill article, headlined “Trump’s wins in Wisconsin, Michigan expose labor’s soft underbelly,” Rhodes notes that the president-elect’s most surprising – and arguably most important – wins on election night came in a pair of states that had passed right-to-work legislation since the last national election.

“In the interim,” Rhodes wrote, “thousands took advantage of the opportunity by opting out, blowing a huge hole in the revenue stream organized labor is accustomed to sharing with its Democratic friends.”

McCabe, too, cited the experience of Wisconsin and Michigan, encouraging the GOP majority in both houses of New Hampshire’s Legislature to adopt similar labor reforms.

“The message is clear in the Granite State,” he wrote. “Let New Hampshire workers keep their hard-earned money and free them from mandatory union membership, and you will be rewarded at the polls.”

It’s a strong message, and no one in the country articulates in better than the Freedom Foundation.