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Freedom Foundation Launches Peer-to-Peer Texting Campaign to Public Employees

The Freedom Foundation continues to expand our campaign and take our message and the freedom it brings to all public employees. Last week we launched a peer to peer texting campaign sending out tens of thousands of text messages to public employees informing them of their rights under Janus.

The message was a simple one, informing populations of AFSCME 75, OEA, and SEIU 503 that they were no longer required to pay dues to their union, and this decision had the potential to save them over $1,000 a year.

Having never embarked on this kind of campaign before, we weren’t exactly sure what to expect in terms of responses, but the thousands of texts we received back far exceeded any expectation that we did have.

The amount of responses from people who wanted to opt out, desired legal representation against their union, thanked us for helping them opt out in the past, or still had never heard of the Janus decision was overwhelming.

Our message of individual and financial freedom is important, and we will use all avenues available to us to make sure this message is heard. This campaign in particular ruffled the feathers of our opposition while simultaneously getting others to opt out and experience freedom, two of our favorite things. Below are some of our favorite responses so far:

“I am retired now, but I hope you get a lot of current AFSCME people to opt out. AFSCME did very little for me over my 22-year membership” -Susan

“I successfully resigned my membership effective August 1st, 2018 using your letter provided at the website. I am happily enjoying my increase in take home pay. I wish you all the luck in convincing others to withdraw from the union” -Casey

“I opted out due to my political differences and the corruption in the union. They have sent me emails trying to get me back, but I am happy to be free from it!” -Roxanne

“I haven’t submitted my letter yet. I know I am looking forward to putting that money to better purposes” -Vincent

“Thanks for all you are doing to protect workers rights and American values!” -Joshua

“You already helped me opt out. The union called me at home last week and asked if they could meet with me to discuss joining. I told them no thanks. I’m saving much more than $1,000 per year” -Mary

The Freedom Foundation will continue to explore new avenues to message to public employees to let them know that they can opt out, because if we don’t do it, no one will.