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A little thievery doesn’t hurt anyone

What will it take to wake up California’s sleeping giant? I heard a story how a state senator refused to believe that businesses and people were leaving California because of the onerous regulations, the high taxation, and declining infrastructure. The Senator looked up and pointed to the sky and said, “Where are these people going? It’s just too nice here.”

That’s how unions get people too. They put wool over the eyes of unsuspecting care providers and say, ‘We’ll help manage your job, fight to give you raises, and make sure you are aware of all the benefits the state owes you. In return, we’ll manage your money. We’ll take out those raises we fought for to elect more liberal politicians who promise more benefits without any assurances of how they will pay for them. Because after all, where are all those people going? It’s just too nice here.’

Freedom Foundation is leading the charge here in California to wake up union members and inform them of the lie that ‘a little thievery doesn’t hurt anyone’. Our efforts have gotten the attention of the press who are starting to bring awareness to the scam happening in our state.

There is currently a case in the US Supreme Court called Janus v. AFSCME­­ that would give us the ability to help EVERY public sector union member and educate them on their rights to leave their union. With that, we can bring the power back to the citizens of California and not wealthy union bosses who want to control legislation in California.