Measure 97 – Oregon

Measure 97 – Oregon

Measure 97 – Oregon

Want to line the pockets of the state’s most corrupt special interest with your money?

No? Then why on earth wouldn’t you take a stand against Measure 97?

Wake up and realize the only ones who stand to benefit from this disastrous tax hike are the only ones behind it – wealthy government unions that have funded more than 96 percent of the entire campaign, pouring in nearly $9 million to date.

They have the unprecedented power to force public employees to hand over union dues as a condition of keeping their jobs, and that’s exactly what they’re doing to unethically fund Measure 97.

Oh, and one more thing – that’s exactly why they’re doing it, too. The ballooning of the state bureaucracy from Measure 97 is a surefire way for these greedy government unions to steal even more forced dues from taxpayer-funded public workers.

From the government unions’ perspective, $9 million of workers’ forced dues is a small price to pay for the $15 million annual payoff they expect to receive as a result.

They’re hoping voters will approve it, but don’t be fooled by their misleading rhetoric. Follow the money and you’ll see it leads right to a government union scam.

Research & Government Affairs Associate
Ben Straka serves as a Research and Government Affairs Associate for the Freedom Foundation, where his responsibilities include an array of policy research and reform efforts aimed at supporting the organization’s mission through legislative advocacy and public policy expertise. His work has been published in various local news outlets throughout the Pacific Northwest and the country, and he has appeared as a guest on radio programs such as The Lars Larson Show, among others. He has regularly testified before the Oregon State Legislature on matters of labor policy and government transparency, has advised local government leaders on labor relations, and has represented employees in administrative proceedings under the state’s collective bargaining laws. Ben first joined the Freedom Foundation in 2016, and holds additional professional experience in the fields of real estate development and construction. He is a native of Eugene, Ore. and a graduate of Corban University, where he studied political science and business. He lives in Oregon with his wife.