Oregon Unions Select Replacement Candidate for Secretary of State Race

Oregon Unions Select Replacement Candidate for Secretary of State Race

Oregon Unions Select Replacement Candidate for Secretary of State Race

Government employee unions are nothing if not flexible. With Jennifer Williamson, the odds-on favorite to be Oregon’s next secretary of state, forced to drop out as she deals with an ugly  campaign finance scandal, the state’s labor leaders have already anointed a replacement.

Enter their chosen successor.

It’s no surprise union fat cats are throwing their weight behind one of the most liberal, partisan Democrats in Salem, in what is arguably the most consequential statewide race of 2020.

All of Oregon’s major government unions have endorsed Sen. Shemia Fagan since the one-term senator announced her candidacy in late February.

However, it wasn’t until very recently that the sweet union cash started making its way to the campaign. Oregon’s government unions in the past month alone — during the peak of a world-wide pandemic — have given nearly $150,000 in campaign contributions to Fagan.

Oregon’s two largest government unions — Service Employees International Union (SEIU) 503 and the Oregon Education Association (OEA) have each given over $55,000 in the last month.

In the same time frame that the unions gave this windfall, more than 333,700 Oregonians have applied for unemployment insurance.

This kind of tone-deaf duplicity should no longer surprise us, though.

This pandemic has shown a lot of people’s priorities very clearly. Most notably, we’ve learned that government unions do not care about their members well-being; they just care about getting a bite out of public employee’s paychecks so they can continue to advance their partisan political agenda.

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