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Union Exchanges Gloating For Lobbying

The Washington Education Association might have done what some private-sector unions have done – broken their employers.

Earlier this year, WEA gloated about the 12 to 39 percent pay raises their bully tactics had produced for school employees. Now the union is hiding that fact because districts are showing how broke the union’s money grab left them.

The union marketing team this week pulled down map posted to its website encouraging viewers to “Click the icons to see pay raises WEA members negotiated in each district.” Link

Why? Because now districts are preparing pink slips for young teachers and lawmakers are poised to raise property taxes to bail out insolvent school districts.

Their marketing has shifted, and gloating about pay raises no longer fits the narrative. Now they are marketing that the districts’ problems are the fault of the Legislature and can only be remedied by another property tax increase.

In case you missed it, the data from the WEA’s raise brag site is presented below along with the impact on schools’ solvency:

Click for Full table of WEA gloating



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