Unions Respond to Record-Breaking Holiday Opt-Out Pitch with Their Usual Lies

Unions Respond to Record-Breaking Holiday Opt-Out Pitch with Their Usual Lies

Unions Respond to Record-Breaking Holiday Opt-Out Pitch with Their Usual Lies

With Christmas right around the corner, public employees across California this week received multiple sets of physical mailers and e-mails letting them know how to take their voice — and their money — back from their union.

One such union was SEIU 721, which has seen its membership shrink by more than 350 thanks entirely to the Freedom Foundation.

While the Freedom Foundation and the hundreds of public employees we’ve assisted across California in the last month are feeling the holly, jolly energy of Christmas, SEIU 721 appears to be trying to get coal in its stocking.

In response to one of our mail pieces, SEIU 721 warned its members not to get “Scrooged” by the Freedom Foundation. Not surprisingly, whoever authored this half-baked analogy couldn’t produce any examples from the Charles Dickens classic in which Scrooge reminded Bob Cratchit of his Constitutional right to end his union dues deduction and keep nearly $800 every year to pay for Tiny Tim’s medical care.

Instead of addressing the reason their dues payers are leaving in droves, SEIU 721 instead tries to hatch a conspiracy involving the Koch Brothers — as if by leaving their union they are somehow helping the Koch Brothers in their fictitious quest to repeal minimum wage laws and pollute the oceans.

Yes, you read that right. Members shouldn’t cease paying union dues because of the Koch brothers.

Powerful stuff.

After members received another mailer, SEIU 721 then put out an even more unhinged piece that truly must be read to be believed. We’ve archived a version of that post here in case they ever realize exactly how insane they sound and decide to delete it.

In this post, SEIU 721 claims that once again members should not cease their dues deduction because of the Koch Brothers, and that the Freedom Foundation is waiting in the wings to stab public employees in the back.

Never mind the forgery lawsuits we’ve filed on behalf of public employees, free of charge, whose unions stole their identity and their wallets.

In the most cringeworthy section of their rant, unions claim that public employees should do the following if they are ever contacted with the alluring offer of choosing whether they want to continue paying union dues:

“So, the next time they send you a flyer in the mail, PUT IT IN THE GARBAGE.

The next time they send you a message to your email, SEND IT TO THE JUNK FILE.

The next time they send you a text, DELETE IT.

The next time they call you, HANG UP.

And the next time they send some smiling snake to slither up to you at your worksite, TELL THEM WHERE THEY CAN GO.

If that sounds harsh, remember: We’re facing some of the most uncertain times in our nation’s history and these frauds are trying to take away the one true shield we have to protect us … our union.”

Calling us ‘frauds’ certainly is an interesting choice of words given the unions’ own proclivity for tricking its dues payers into signing years-long, irrevocable membership cards … then forging their signatures if they choose not to sign.

But that may just be another piece of forbidden knowledge that SEIU 721 members don’t deserve to know.

You need to look no further than how unions view the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2018 ruling in Janus v. AFSCME, which affirmed the right of workers to decide for themselves whether a union was worth supporting with their dues.

Giving free Americans a right to decide for themselves how to spend their own paychecks rather than giving a greedy special interest the ability to pilfer a percentage of it forever. What a concept.

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