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Unions’ Support Of ‘Defund Police’ Movement Shows How Unlike Their Members They Really Are

In no other place is the concept of Robinhood more glorified, in modern times, than in the extravagant national headquarters of America’s most prominent unions.

These offices occupy space in Washington, D.C.’s most prestigious metropolitan neighborhoods, where powerful elites in the private sector are close to powerful elites in government.

This convenient proximity has cultivated a swamp-like political climate. A climate in which corrupt political structures detract from our freedoms and rights.

Within the walls of these lavish venues, however, government union bosses make undemocratic decisions about which Robinhood-like causes to endorse. In typical Washington, D.C., fashion, these positions do not resonate with, nor are they representative of, those held by their dues-paying members.

Yet the paychecks of humble public sector workers fund intricate political schemes and radical social justice movements pursued by politically charged union leadership.

Take, for example, SEIU’s generosity with respect to left-leaning organizations that aspire to defund the police. At the national level, SEIU officials donated hundreds of thousands of dues-payer dollars to several causes that agitate to create a liberal utopia absent one of America’s important founding principles — the rule of law.

For many SEIU 1199 members in Ohio, this endorsement violates their personal convictions and understanding of the truth. They made a statement to SEIU’s national leadership and relinquished the contribution of their union dues to SEIU 1199. They chose to opt out of the union and hold SEIU’s national decision-makers accountable for their embrace of an in-vogue, irrational and irresponsible societal shift to dismantle the police.

Unions pretend to concern themselves with the plight of marginalized workers. They believe they are right in their quest to mitigate workplace grievances at considerable expense to private business owners and taxpayers.

They also believe they’re entitled to use the money paid to them by the workers they “represent” and financially support controversial divisive causes.

There is nothing noble about this corrupt dynamic. Robinhood would not be happy.

Until the beliefs and convictions of the union membership base are respected and honored more than the union bosses’ perceived moral highground, upon which union elitist leaders are supposedly so well-positioned, the Freedom Foundation will not relent in educating workers of their First Amendment right to opt out of their union.

Good, hardworking people will know they have the freedom to choose.