Freedom Foundation’s Legal Team To Represent Lincoln County Against Teamsters

Freedom Foundation’s Legal Team To Represent Lincoln County Against Teamsters

Freedom Foundation’s Legal Team To Represent Lincoln County Against Teamsters

Big Labor was watching on Sept. 8 when Lincoln County commissioners passed a groundbreaking resolution ensuring its public employee collective bargaining negotiations would be transparent.

Various bosses and political operatives for the Teamsters union contacted the commissioners and asked for private meetings to “discuss” the ruling. To their everlasting credit, the commissioners declined and instead invited those union officials to appear at a regular and public commissioner meeting to voice their disagreements.

The script was predictable, as the Teamsters resorted to thinly veiled threats and coercion. If the commissioners refused to rescind their resolution, they were warned, the unions would litigate in the courts and the Public Employment Relations Commission.

You heard that right. The unions are so threatened by a modest policy change intended to boost public confidence in the county’s financial decision-making that they’re willing to deplete the public treasury by dragging the county into court.

Never mind that 73 percent of Lincoln County voters approve of the transparency resolution. The Teamsters don’t like it, so they’re prepared to spare no expense in trying to crush it.

Message received: the union is determined to siphon off taxpayer money, no matter what. 

In short order, the Teamsters hired a high-priced Seattle law firm that’s already filed two specious “Unfair Labor Practice” complaints against the county. Among other outlandish requests for relief, the Teamsters demand that Lincoln County rescind the resolution.

But that’s not all. The Teamsters also demand that the county post notices in all of its facilities that it has broken the law. And, of course, the Teamsters ask for the payment of their attorneys’ fees.

In short, the Teamsters demand nothing less than unconditional, abject surrender. The county took the audacious step of making itself more transparent, so the Teamsters have declared war.

This is right out of the “Union Pressure Tactics” playbook.

But those days are over in Washington. 

The Freedom Foundation now works relentlessly to curtail the coercive and corrupting influence of powerful government unions—like the Teamsters. The Foundation’s legal team has agreed to represent Lincoln County and will do everything in its power to ensure that the Teamsters’ bullying tactics are exposed and defeated.

The Freedom Foundation is devoted to union transparency and reform, and that means coming to the aid of brave citizens and leaders who boldly place the public interest before union greed.

Chief Litigation Counsel
David is Freedom Foundation’s Chief Litigation Counsel. His team fights every day in Washington, Oregon, and California courts to defend the fundamental rights of workers, advance open and accountable government, and force politicians and unions to obey the law. David received his J.D. from The George Washington University Law School, and a M.A. from Regent University, where he studied constitutional law and thought. While in law school, he studied constitutional history with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and served as Symposium Editor for the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy. He has been published and interviewed by numerous outlets, including the Georgetown Journal of Law & Public Policy, The Federalist, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, National Review, and many others. He previously worked for a law firm, a federal judge, and the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee in Washington D.C. Except for the prevailing political climate, David thinks the Pacific Northwest is the greatest place in America. David, his gorgeous wife, and their two exceptional children love the outdoors, sports, and their great oaf of a hound, Oxford.