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Oregon Media React to Freedom Foundation Lawsuit

Last week we announced our news that we had filed a federal class-action lawsuit against two of the largest unions in Oregon. Over the holidays and into this week, the press reacted to the case, and we saw no comment from the unions.

Highlights included:

Bend Bulletin: “Fair treatment for workers should be more than a slogan for Oregon’s public employee unions. When workers want to quit two of the state’s largest public-employee unions — AFSCME Local 75 and the Service Employees International Union 503 — the unions shouldn’t have schemes to compel them to pay anyway.”

Oregon Public Broadcasting: “Anti-union groups are doubling down on attempts to destabilize Oregon’s public-sector employee unions…”

Willamette Week: “This new lawsuit, like the last one, is an attempt to undercut the fundraising and political power of Oregon labor unions, long the strongest bulwark of Democratic Party politics.”

Lars Larson: “In my mind, this is nothing more than a scheme for them to try and take union dues from people who do not wish to pay union dues anymore … It’s a way for the union to extract dues from them to use on their own agenda.”

KATU News: “Before, the status quo has been that they can actually just skim union dues and not deliver a benefit.”

Liberty Headlines: “‘This is one of the biggest scandals I’ve ever witnessed from the unions and the government,’ said Aaron Withe, the Oregon director of the Freedom Foundation… ‘The union dues they’ve forcibly deducted from people who want out are meant to be designated to the working families of this state, not some special-interest group.’”

East Oregonian: “(T)his is just a money-making scheme by the unions…”

Eugene Register-Guard: “In addition to seeking a class-action designation, the plaintiffs are requesting a court order to stop the unions from their current practices as well as unspecified nominal and compensatory damages and attorney fees.”

Salem Reporter: “In the months since, thousands of workers in Oregon have asked to withdraw from the unions…”

Oregon Director Aaron Withe also held a press conference at the Capital in Salem on Wednesday, where he demanded Gov. Brown stop the state from deducting union dues from all employees that have not signed an appropriate union membership card post-Janus.

The full press conference is available online.