Empowering Public Workers: A Season of Hope and Choice

Empowering Public Workers: A Season of Hope and Choice

Empowering Public Workers: A Season of Hope and Choice

The holiday season brings more than just festivities and cheer; it’s also a time for reflection and making choices that impact our lives positively.

Amidst the joyous celebrations, our ongoing canvassing efforts with the Freedom Foundation have been about more than just informing public workers. It’s been about empowering them with options, hope and the ability to make informed decisions.

During our recent holiday canvassing, we continue encountering stories that reflect the need for information dissemination and the desire for change within the landscape of union representation. Most of the individuals we speak to on the daily basis are surprised to learn about the Janus v. AFSCME case, indicating a prevailing lack of awareness about the right to opt out of union dues.

One encounter in Tualatin, Ore., struck a chord with the experiences of a former school employee. She believed in the principles of unions but had lost faith in the system due to personal encounters. Her frustration stemmed from the union’s defense of a consistently underperforming colleague, creating undue challenges in her workplace.

This incident highlighted the need for checks and balances within unions, resonating deeply with the principles upheld by the Freedom Foundation.

Similarly, conversations with dedicated public charter school teachers reinforced the desire for change within unions. A teacher, desiring an exit from the union due to misaligned political agendas, found relief upon discovering the role of the Freedom Foundation.

These encounters highlighted the shared belief that unions should prioritize the welfare of their members, rather than indulging excessively in politics.

Another encounter also in Tualatin, Ore., discussions with a pair of veteran teachers who were staunch progressives, shed light on misconceptions about the Freedom Foundation. Clarifying misunderstandings about the organization’s objectives paved the way for a constructive conversation.

They acknowledged the need for unions to realign their focus, redirecting efforts towards the betterment of teachers rather than excessive bureaucratic overheads and political engagements.

At the core of these conversations lies a fundamental principle – the need for checks and balances in every system. Just as the Founding Fathers envisioned for the government, the Freedom Foundation strives to provide a counterbalance within unions, advocating for members’ rights and fostering an environment focused on their well-being.

During this season of giving, our canvassing efforts aim not just to inform but to inspire. It’s about offering public workers the knowledge and agency to make choices that align with their beliefs and interests. As we continue our outreach, we hope to provide more individuals with the information needed to make informed decisions about their union affiliations.

This holiday season, let’s celebrate the spirit of empowerment and choice, ensuring that every public worker feels supported and informed as they navigate their professional paths.

Together, we can usher in a season of hope, enlightenment, and empowered choices for all.

Oregon Outreach Director
Before coming to work at the Freedom Foundation, Dmitriy worked on multiple outreach efforts including the 2020 U.S. Census, nonpartisan candidate campaigns, and Slavic Vote–an organization focused on helping the Russian, Ukrainian, and Slavic communities get out and vote. He is active in his state and local party and has enjoyed volunteering at White House events in Washington, D.C. Dmitriy enjoys working with people and has extensive experience in customer service and conflict resolution. Before getting involved in politics, Dmitriy attended Oregon Culinary Institute and earned his culinary certification while running a private catering business. In his free time he loves cooking and entertaining his friends & family, practicing with his band, and traveling to new places.