Unsung Hero: New Jersey janitor becomes an advocate for freedom

Unsung Hero: New Jersey janitor becomes an advocate for freedom

Unsung Hero: New Jersey janitor becomes an advocate for freedom

It’s a tale of unintended consequences. When the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) sent out an email calling a Freedom Foundation survey “fraudulent,” it ignited a fire that couldn’t be extinguished. The union’s leaders intended to suppress curiosity and stifle any questions their members might have about their constitutional right to opt out of union participation.

Instead, they created one of our most impassioned advocates — a janitor in the Cranford School District.

The NJEA’s blatant mischaracterization of our survey piqued his interest, driving him to seek the truth his union seemed desperate to conceal. As we helped him sift through the half-truths and misinformation, he learned that not only could he opt out without repercussions but that he also had a stalwart ally ready to go to bat for him.

Assuming he was bound to the NJEA for job security, our janitor friend found a transformative sense of freedom when he discovered his First Amendment rights. It was an enlightening moment that came with the realization that we were there to support him all the way.

Fueled by the NJEA’s unfortunate email and the subsequent revelation that public employees can’t be forced to join or support a labor union, this janitor made an audacious decision. He chose to not just opt out but to champion the cause, spreading the gospel of freedom to his colleagues.

This wasn’t a passive decision. After stopping union dues from being taken from his pay via OptOutToday.com, the Freedom Foundation armed him with an ambassador kit — a cache of resources designed to debunk myths and empower his co-workers. The kit was received, and its contents have turned the hallways of the Cranford School District into arenas of enlightenment.

Today, this janitor, our unassuming yet determined ambassador, is sweeping away more than just dust; he’s sweeping away the deceit that has long clouded his workplace. He’s confronting the NJEA’s “fraudulent” claims head-on and educating his peers about their rights and how to assert them.

In this journey for truth, an unexpected friendship has emerged, one built on trust and a mutual resolve for fairness and honesty. And though his mission is far from over, its beginnings are potent and promising.

For those eager to embark on a similar journey or to learn more about your workplace rights, visit us at OptOutToday.com or give us a call at (833) 228-4969.

Outreach Coordinator
Ryan Brooks joined the Freedom Foundation in May of 2021. Before that, he gained a great deal of experience in the political arena by working for various political campaigns in Washington and Alaska. Ryan is a native of Spokane, Washington. He is a US Army Veteran and graduate from Full Sail University. When he’s not out fighting big government unions, Ryan enjoys going on adventures in the wilderness and enjoying life in the country with his family.