Freedom Foundation

Freedom Foundation response to newer, tougher COVID restrictions in Washington, Oregon, and California

“The Freedom Foundation was appalled to learn about our governors’ new shutdown mandates in Washington, Oregon and California. To think that families are being forced to spend Thanksgivings apart due to a government mandate is unimaginable in the United States. Not surprisingly, Governors Inslee, Brown and Newsom made no mention of their plans while they were running for office. Dictators can’t be bothered with trifling details like telling the truth.”

“Our West Coast governors and their government bureaucrats have never missed a paycheck because of government shutdowns. The worst they have to contend with is being allowed to work from home. Meanwhile, thousands of small businesses and their employees have taken a severe hit to their finances and freedoms. This disconnect is unconscionable.”

“The Freedom Foundation will continue to fight our West Coast governors’ unlawful lockdown orders. In their minds, this has never been about health and safety. All they care about is power, and they’re not above fearmongering to obtain more of it.”