Freedom Foundation

Celebrating Worker Freedom Week

Here at the Freedom Foundation, every week is employee freedom week. But this week, organizations all over the country are joining us in celebrating.

A recent poll showed 71 percent of public employees were aware of the recent Supreme Court ruling, Janus v. AFSCME. This landmark case allows public employees to opt out of financial responsibilities to a union.

It’s terrific that so many people are joining us this week to draw attention to the rights workers have to opt out of funding private third parties (unions) as a condition of employment. Hopefully, by the end of the year, every public employee will know their rights.

Out of those surveyed, over 50 percent supported the court’s ruling giving workers a choice to end union-created financial responsibilities as a condition of employment, while one-third said they planned to exercise their rights to opt out.

This is excellent news, even workers who plan to stay in their union support their colleagues in having a choice.

Now comes the real work, informing the remaining 29 percent about the ruling, explaining the ruling too many of the 71 percent who have heard about it but do not fully understand it, and litigating to allow those who wish to exercise their rights to do so.

The Freedom Foundation is sending emails, mailings, targeted social media and canvassing public office buildings all over the west coast, we have also canvassed thousands of public employee’s homes in the last 55 days to answer questions and get information about Janus to workers.

Join us this week and every week by helping to inform public employees about their rights to opt out of union dues by directing them to

If you would like literature to hand out or put on a bulletin board at your office, please let us know.