SEIU has a sexual predator problem

SEIU has a sexual predator problem

SEIU has a sexual predator problem

You may remember back in 2017, an expose by Buzzfeed revealed that SEIU International had an issue with sexual harassment. Under public scrutiny, SEIU fired two of its senior staffers.

Sahar Wali, a spokesperson for SEIU, said, “We know that progress does not stop with these personnel actions alone. President (Mary Kay) Henry has taken important steps toward ensuring that our workplace environment reflects our values, and that all staff is respected…”

Since then, we haven’t heard much about SEIU when it comes to its struggle to keep sexual predators out of their ranks. That is, until this website went live.

Me Too SEIU details multiple allegations, victim stories and solid sources when it comes to SEIU’s continued difficulty in rooting our sexual predators in its ranks. Unfortunately, this is an issue that, to an outside observer appears to be within SEIU as an organization.

Take SEIU 721 for example, which more than 650 members fled after the Freedom Foundation informed them that they had the right to leave. Believe it or not, a gentleman named Martin Manteca, who works for them as an organizing director, has been accused by 16 women of sexual harassment.

He was described by coworkers as “an absolute sociopath” and “such a terror.” Another said, “(H)e’s toxic, absolutely toxic.”

According to depositions, Manteca “…not only sexually harassed women in the workplace” but would “…become physically confrontational”.

So why does a “sociopath” like Martin Manteca still have a job, representing union members and being paid upwards of $130,000 every year?

Simply put, SEIU’s actions suggest it doesn’t care. The union may pay lip service to important causes, such as the recent “Me-Too” campaign to root out powerful sexual harassers, but its leaders demonstrate no real interest in participating.

We can say that because Manteca isn’t the only SEIU staffer about whom public accusations have been made. Here’s a full list, according to

  • Stan Lyles – vice president, SEIU-United Healthcare Workers West.
  • Marcus Hatcher – former SEIU-UHW Kaiser Permanente Division Director.
  • Dave Regan – SEIU Vice president, president of SEIU-United Healthcare Workers West.
  • Chokri BenSaid – Hospital Division director, SEIU-United Healthcare Workers West.
  • Pedro Malave – former Staff Member, SEIU 32BJ.
  • Tyrek D. Lee Sr. – former executive vice president, SEIU 1199 United Healthcare Workers East.
  • Martin Manteca – organizing director, SEIU Local 721.
  • Scott Courtney – former vice president, SEIU.
  • Kandall Fells – former organizing director, Fight for $15 (SEIU).

While some of these people have since been fired, or resigned under pressure, several are still there. One, in fact, was given an award by his union.

Manteca, the “sociopath” who would “become physically confrontational” with people who tried to stand up to him, was given the ‘Heart of the Union’ award by SEIU 721 back in 2019.


Regardless of whether you’re a union supporter or not, we can all agree that SEIU 721 shouldn’t be protecting people like Manteca. And if you’re one of those dues-payers wondering what you can do to stop your money from protecting accused sexual predators, we encourage you to visit to explore your ability to cease dues payment.

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